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lucky girl back from 8 1/2 years living in asia with my husband and three children, happily delighting in the visual treats offered me. I shoot film with a very old Nikon N65 held together with rubber bands ... Freshman year of college I finally got contact lenses. I was awed by how clear the stars looked during an astronomy lab. I have always been visual, but the ability to bring things into focus is such a delight. And when I capture that clarity on film I am so satisfied. It might be a piece or segment of something, the juxtaposition of textures or colors, or the light and atmosphere in a place that attracts me. I find film lends itself to revealing a real, complex, sometimes slightly flawed nature of things. I really appreciate the depth and tangibility of film. I am living in Hong Kong and am constantly exposed to an abundance of visual gifts. ... see more on my flickr account:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the year of the dragon

the lunar new year
     another chance at a new beginning in the chinese calendar.   the year of the dragon:
a celebration, a challenge, something exotic, an obstacle, an icon ...
my "dragons" for this year are: to celebrate myself as an artist and be confident in the eye i have for capturing something beautiful and intriguing;


 to overcome my fear of self promotion (ugh!);


   to delight in the people i've met - and keep encountering - as inspirations, muses, supporters and teachers;

to be open to new ideas and subjects (tho there's not much i'm not drawn to)

                                                                             what are your dragons?

                                                                             kung hei fat choi!

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