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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bunten farm, orford, nh

last summer i had the opportunity to visit this charming farm twice:  once in june when we picked up a friend who was working there, (an international student from south africa tagging on a few weeks of rigorous farm work after finishing a semester at the mountain school in vershire, vt); and the second at the very end of august when i found myself up in the area again.

this is a labor of love:  bunten farm is one of the only dairy farms with milking devons in the US.  these cows produce an extra rich milk that is perfect for creating especially delicious hand crafted cheeses which owner chris makes, as well as for ice cream, a passion of her husband bruce.  

chickens, a turkey and a dog welcome you

peeking into the kitchen where artisanal cheeses are made
bruce and chris took on the farm from her parents and are dedicated to perpetuating the success of this traditional farm, complete with a huge renowned pumpkin patch in the fall.
blue sky, red shingles,

resting tractor
cow's view

milking devons

 milk shed
awaiting guests

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  1. Love the pictures of the Bunten Farm!! What an amazing place and interesting lifestyle.. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. thanks james! so happy you got to have such a unique and positive experience...